acknowledgement of the 2017 spring equinox

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here we are somewhere back in time.

same shit.

different year.

must destroy this cycle.

off with his head

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seeing that yesterday was international neo-feminist day i feel the need to share a few words on the contrary.

being someone who has been married going on 5 years I can see exactly where the interviewee is coming from. should my marital status change in the future i strongly do not think i would ever consider entering another one of these binding “contracts” of legality for a second time. they should not be needed or required when 2 are endlessly attracted to each other. in reality it is an agreement to redistribute property when revoked as well as manipulation of tax status. the smartest, safest thing for a single man to do is stay as such in this day and age.. unless you want a life sentence. but thats just like.. my opinion or something man.


some thought for food or something like it

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she will always know. i know this because i’ve already told. i’ve already confessed. i can’t help how i feel. a shame i must suffer for feeling such love for you. tempted to just end this life. to end the suffering. how selfish of me..

but how selfish of you as well..

come forward dear.

let’s waste time not any further.

i’d give it all for you..

hopefully i am not too forward with this newfound liberated honesty..

if so then cast me into the ocean of fire for all eternity within your womb my lamb..

my solace.. my heaven.. my hell.. my hurt.. my hate.. but most of all my love..

you love so good.. you love so well.. you love so endlessly.. with me.. to me..


i resent this existence without you..

Path to self-Exile

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currently waiting to renew my medical card for my licencia heavy. that’ll be coming up next month. shortly after that i’ll have my sights on the land of nod to contract myself out to be a modern 49er. figured it a good alternative than to further risk creating some kind of schism within the household.

recently deactivated my fb account again. this times most likely for good. i could take the shittardz for friendz being dissonant but i had to draw the line when i found out the corporate fucks were still spying on me and selling off my information to third parties. to add insult to injury they’ve undergone several class action lawsuits in other countries as they are fighting one right now due to such privacy invasive shenaniganz. no need to support such fiendz. no need to believe me look it up your quarter-assed selvez.

guess i’m right where i neeed to be in this current point in the grid. i work best alone anyhow.

peace in the middle east.

re-preparing to re-prepare for deeper understanding

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the timeline i am currently inhabiting seems to be very resistant to the idea of me being the foundation that is the home front. not very amused. but i guess neither is anyone else.

preparing to embark into the unknown yet again. being stagnant only goes so far anyway.

just because i feel content in all that i do does not grant the same in others. so glad i am not like them in that regard.

the war on my dreamz

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figured i’d share my last attempt at a podcast. it is only one episode long due to obvious conflict resulting in killing something before it even has a chance to bloom.

pretty old clip actually. close to a year in fact. just showcasing my stifled tempo if anything. never have received much support in any of my artistic aspirations. there must be something wrong with my face as i do not comprehend any other reason for such distraught contempt that i have received while living this path.

something has to change.

although i have my personal quarrels with this person, i am not trying to defame or slander any such person. even despite my own implanted rage. simply trying to attract awareness to some of the everyday mortal struggle of a stay-at-home-dad-wanting-to-create-art.

a little late in the cold solstice

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wonder where the magick is for dayz like these

i guess there is none in hell

or hell as i know it i should say

gonna go hang out with the grinch, grumpus, and ebenezer now

those characters know whats down

maybe if i get lucky one of them will slice my throat and cook me

hopefully not the other way around

but either way