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it is still within the 11th hour of the mourning.

i feel undead and starved emotionally.

guess thats my problem.

oh well, back to the studio. can’t let this precious misery dissolve to waste.



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just realized i missed krampusnacht last week. fack. oh well, we’ll get you all and your little dog next year bwahahah!

not to be up my own ass but i can’t stop listening to the last track i recorded. it feels liberating to be writing and creating what is missing in this realm, something grand as per usge. it incidentally became my 3 chord masterpiece without any specific intent. thought i was doing something fancy in a minimalistic manner but not so much maybe. turns out it is just 3 whole chords creatively elaborated & presented while being able to melt your face. again, don’t mean to write about my own material in a critically biased undertone but there is currently no such fan base to do it for me, so where better than here to write such dribble? exactly.

as for the card of the day it is my 3rd consecutive sword drawn:


basically i’m unfucked at the moment but thats okay. what no longer serves us will inevitably eventually see its way out and i will be closer to receiving my truest potential. there is next to nothing to lose and even more to gain. if thats ever a problem for you then you already know the way away.

simple and plain.


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it was a good day today. today. the day in which was good.

enjoy\\choke as a missed friend would say.

spilled cupz of brooding

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kinda funny how accurate my drawn card today was. the recommendation is to imagine endless, boundless goals and desirable dwellings. if it shines then desire it. if it is dull either ignore it or buff it until there is a twinkle. i suppose this is all to inspire the uninspired into delving into some sort of personal voyage of grandeur & valor. well excuse me for being bored. there’s a time and a place for all things if i may write in protest.

i have been into strumming the strings of my doom apparatus yet again. too bad my eldest gets jealous of my redirected attention. she literally throws a fit every time i attempt to practice my instrument to the point of getting loudly upset in tears. if i am to get any sort of work done with my instrument it usually has to be done in private. unfortunately that designated time is not always full of inspiration. i have little to no control of my most creative moments since they tend to be spontaneous. my struggle continues in the most mundane of moments & events it seems. i cannot help but laugh at my own expense during this current current on afterthought however. such a silly time to be alive indeed. i will try to further understand what the universe is trying to converse with me either way. albeit i wish it were a bit more direct rather than cryptic and nonperceptible. it leads to a plethora of self-convicting subjectivity usually. i suppose the signal has already been sound. shall i ring again or shall i simply move on to yet another aspiration? we shall see as we usually seem to do i presuppose.

Rekindled Scraps of Sanity

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finally. a breather from an endurement of consistent suffocating stifling strife and even disparaging disappointment for the most part. eureka.

well aware i have left out to write about a number of astrological queues as they manifested here recently but i have been busy regaining my sense of self ironically enough within a grand pasture of fantasy.  not much of a qualifying admittance of happenstance but my own revelations and truth are exactly that. my own. in this realm i am truly free to think, feel, and express myself however i please. a true liberating collection of moments. in this time of isolated adventure i am enabled to meditate and find the answers to personal matters within my own pool of untainted thoughts. what i mean by that is that i find it very healthy to be disconnected from society in huge doses. it allows me to shake off any toxic residue of the likes and dislikes of hexes, negative energy, and even what some would call “oho”. its all the same. a darker hint within the colour spectrum of existence and being.

in other words, disassociate from all the others who are too weak to realize the self-realization of endless, boundless potential. even more so after trying to teach these rogues new tricks. instead of finding it within themselves they will feel the impulse to leeech it from others. mainly why i had to disconnect from social media, my past is full of these pointless, envious vampires. get thee behind me ye bottom feeders!

tl;dr: find your own euphoric realm and cut the negative ties–no matter how familiar or keen.

eve of all hallows’ eve

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this entry is brought to you by the card:

felt a little inspired by the aforementioned card due to the fact that it is the second consecutive day i drew it reversed. given the timing it does feel a bit eerily coincidental. 

currently it is the crack of dawn and there is yet no lighting but the luminesence of the mourning star. awaiting on the other end of my township for an early appointment for the collection and perhaps cultivation of my urine for a job that requires me to single-handedly captain a road ship. got here two hours early in order to be ahead of the rush hour. now i wait in the callous cold whilst being frequently stalked by the facility security guard. i suppose it’s fair enough given that i beat the employees by over an hour. how unusual, this we know.

may have to get used to writing entries through the mobile tracking device again seeing that i already have this position. look forward to hot shotting across the nation again, hardly. there are definitely worst for wear ways for grinding for the currency of the beast either way through my experience. 

seems i’ve been rambling at this point. 


eve of a friday the 13th

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card pretty much says it all.

happy date of birth to me.