just woke from a lucid like dream. i was hanging out with this older hipster crew. even gavin mcinnes was there. we got along to no surprise. how i got there was clearly unimportant because i cannot recall. it was me, my wife, and her uncle. went to some buddy’s place. hard to say when to begin. think i met this crowd through an old buddy who referred to himself as “priest” within the scenes. it started off in an unsuspecting abode with the typical few drinks. there was a micro fridge in that living room. a fancy black hamilton beach with glass shelves on the interior no doubt. there was ice in the freezer that looked a lot like mine. we weren’t drinking anything too complicated ironically. i believe there were nothing but beers of convention as well as some malibu beach joke rum. the mixers are a given of the usual suspect. i started off not drinking as my wife and her uncle made themselves at home. the house host whom i forgotten his name had a cute attractive lady around him always. she was milk skinned with platinum blonde harley quinn like hair. straight. cut at the bangs. cute. she was not shy at all either. there was another woman there as well as maybe 1 or 2 dudes. the bald dude with dark the epic beard and thick framed glasses seemed like a friend in the dream. he started off kind of the volunteering to be the entertainment with a persona resembling the likes of a joe rogan caricature. he was doing the lord’s work as he made the party hosts smile and laugh. the vibrations were ascending to a positive note. i let bald guy do the social engineering whereas i kept my composure with the cool uncle at the living room bar. he talked me into a couple of drinks. fellowship was shared and had amongst us all. my wife was hitting it off with the ladies quite well. they were all in black goth like attire. one had a devil loch in a blue\\black dress if i remember correctly. my wife dressed plainly in cut off denim boy shorts with a baggy mr. bungle-esque edgy shirt with the usual high top black\\white chucks or something clever of the sort. back to the bar. me, the uncle, and priest had our own sideshow going for a minute. i do believe us three being into musick helped as our musical discussion attracted the rest of the small troupe and we got to watching several requested videos in the manner of a sporty youtube round-robin. the older guys put on typical vids of the likes of the oldies such as tom petty. either way they were enjoying themselves. i forget which one i uploaded but it caught the attention of the host. he had a nice living room with aged action figures here and there. blacklight style posters in a frame on the wall. dragons. wizards. stuff that i’d probably showcase if it were fancy enough perhaps. to say the less we were compatible. before i knew it the host had started to show me favour. he eventually proceeded to take us on a quick tour of his lair. i got the idea that this must have been some sort of play house property as money was clearly no stresser for the geezer. we went into the kitchen in the next room, further chatted about the randomly placed knick knacks all around before making our way out to the re-purposed garage in the back corner before the back wall. this room had a different air about it as the lights were dimmer with the occasional fired candles as well as some black lights for decor. it had its own living room like setup where we took to being more casual. the topic of magick is what ignited this fresh scenery from the living room to the kitchen. the chick in black\\blue dress grabbed some trinket off the shelf and displayed it to the rest of us. the host nodded and the bald guy was still being a loud now drunken funny guy. clearly the peace rod was being exchanged by this point. the UB lady proceeded to do some sort of incantation whilst she told us that there was a trapped lonely woman within the fluid within the glass trinket. after she had done her monologue style chants she showed it to us visitors. it was a laugh since it was obviously a trick box with a drowned toy within the toy. albeit silly there was still an air of mystery around the mini event. it was still magickal in its own right. due to the investment of energy from the performer as well as the audience there was something peculiar in the raised vibrations we all shared. the girls all laughed and stuck closer together from then on. almost like a newfound clique for my wife. i was happy she was making same-sexed friends. the host then herded us out the side door of the garage into his backyard. it was quite large really. further than the eye could see. what seemed like a home in a clustered barrio style hood seemed to have endless depth once inside then out. there was a boat on a trailer amongst many other random over-sized usual suspects for toys. we were underneath the deck on top of slabs of concrete. it was really quite the back patio. there was no barrier either. from concrete to green grass. just a total openness to it all. good vibes most definitely. the chick with the bangs at this point seemed to fancy me in particular as she’d mingle with me in a brief sort of way and then shadow her host or her femme company. a little forward but my wife didn’t seem to feel threatened. all around just a friendly nature hearted atmosphere. we went out the side gate to the front yard. our party jester was pretty wasted at this point and decided he was going to peel out. we said our goodbyes and mingled further with our new friends. my starting party said our goodbyes again and got invited back in the process. we for some reason needed to get our vehicle from home before long. what a fun time. we took to the sidewalk and walked a few blocks home. i then got in some suv-sedan i suppose was ours. tried to back out and damn near made contact if note glaze the surface of a neighboring car. the driveway was clustered to be fair. i saved both vehicle and corrected the maneuver. received a compliment from the uncle in saving the moment and laughed it off as i value myself quite the driver. the bald dude then drove up in a white sedan and invited us back. we went back to the pent house but this time in my vehicle following duder there. the odd part is at this point the party sort of felt like it reset, only this time we were all familiarized and they were entertaining new and old guests. this time felt a little more exclusive but we still did a lot of the same activities in the same order. even had exact replicated conversations and reenactments of events that only happened just chunks of moments prior. good ol’ hipster gavin was there this time and it seemed more big wigs were kind of in and out of the living room. by the time we made it to the kitchen again the host seemed very favouring towards me like last time only this time he seemed even more genuine. he then gave me a tour of the kitchen again but this time was more extensive. i do believe i even finished a couple of his sentences with enthusiasm as i was already accustomed to the routine. we all proceeded back out to the re-purposed garage. this time felt a little more liberated with different faces. the blonde girl with the bangs was less shy this time and kept changing outfits in front of us all as if it were no big deal. no one seemed to have paid attention but i couldn’t help but notice. at this point i felt she was flirting with me but kept my distance since i am no aspiring swinger. the room one by one eventually cleared out as people had their fill of the peace rod. finally it was just me and the girl with bangs as well as this other new femme face. she had the blackest hair but was more introverted than anyone else there. the blonde girl undressed again while keeping eye contact in my general direction. she seemed very mystique and free-spirited. i felt her trying to charm me and there was no denying that it was quite flattering but i decided to deflect her. she eventually caught the hint and put on a dark robe and went the way of the others. i eventually followed out the backyard as the introverted girl seemed she didn’t care for company. we were all out in the backyard again. after hearing the host start to give the tour of the backyard again i went along and smiled as this newfound friend reminded me of another elderly buddy of mine who loves telling the same stories. there was a closeness factor in motion and i did not want to dim that. i eventually excused myself inside the re-purposed garage and couldn’t help but notice the dark hair introvert was sitting on the same end of the same blue leather couch. i said no words as i walked past and went to the shelf and obtained the trinket with the lady inside. i recall that i associated it internally as some of a paradoxical fluid-filled pandora’s box. the trinket had the dark blue fluid as it did the previous encounter. this time i decided to do my own variation of the ritualistic monologue. “through you.. malek.. i ask that you show the whereabouts of the lonely.. woman” i finished. it was not my best performance and felt as if my improvisational gab had acquired quite the rust. the dark hair girl at this point was peering over my shoulder. i felt her presence and kept going. i revealed to her the small figure within the azul fluid-filled trinket and she gasped in fear that she saw the dark fluid get lighter as i saw earlier. i did it as close to the fashion of the UB chick and get very similar results it seemed. the dark haired introvert saw that it was clearly a trapped toy after a few moments then scoffed and immediately started to leave the room. i then laughed at her expense and asked out loud “did you really believe me?” i then remember feeling like the likes of a joker type and felt quite amused with myself. then i woke up to my daughter asleep next to me.


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