i keep consistently drawing this card lately. wish i knew what it meant.

currently i am as happy as any of whom you would have slightly even cared to wish.

maybe that has something to do with the suit or relativity of the draw.

wish i knew what to do as far as a remedy goes.

disease has undertaken me and my family in a sick, cyclical kind of way.

this negative karma may simply be too static to fix.

at least thats what seems to be as far as my observations go.

any old, lost love i may have retained since the glory years has been completely drained.

there is no longer any aspire or desire.

burnt out and withered within the bleak nether.

yet here i remain!

how pitiful for any whom may envy me when i do not even care to be.

my infinity is collapsing and dwindling, severing.

maybe I begin to rot to dust and let the afterthought sweep me into the waste of eternity.

its all over for me as far as any kind of joy is concerned.

i only remain it seems to look forward to my demise.

nothing more for you to gloat about here, have at thee thou fiend!


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on February 16, 2019.

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