Rekindled Scraps of Sanity

finally. a breather from an endurement of consistent suffocating stifling strife and even disparaging disappointment for the most part. eureka.

well aware i have left out to write about a number of astrological queues as they manifested here recently but i have been busy regaining my sense of self ironically enough within a grand pasture of fantasy.  not much of a qualifying admittance of happenstance but my own revelations and truth are exactly that. my own. in this realm i am truly free to think, feel, and express myself however i please. a true liberating collection of moments. in this time of isolated adventure i am enabled to meditate and find the answers to personal matters within my own pool of untainted thoughts. what i mean by that is that i find it very healthy to be disconnected from society in huge doses. it allows me to shake off any toxic residue of the likes and dislikes of hexes, negative energy, and even what some would call “oho”. its all the same. a darker hint within the colour spectrum of existence and being.

in other words, disassociate from all the others who are too weak to realize the self-realization of endless, boundless potential. even more so after trying to teach these rogues new tricks. instead of finding it within themselves they will feel the impulse to leeech it from others. mainly why i had to disconnect from social media, my past is full of these pointless, envious vampires. get thee behind me ye bottom feeders!

tl;dr: find your own euphoric realm and cut the negative ties–no matter how familiar or keen.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on November 14, 2017.

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