eve of all hallows’ eve

this entry is brought to you by the card:

felt a little inspired by the aforementioned card due to the fact that it is the second consecutive day i drew it reversed. given the timing it does feel a bit eerily coincidental. 

currently it is the crack of dawn and there is yet no lighting but the luminesence of the mourning star. awaiting on the other end of my township for an early appointment for the collection and perhaps cultivation of my urine for a job that requires me to single-handedly captain a road ship. got here two hours early in order to be ahead of the rush hour. now i wait in the callous cold whilst being frequently stalked by the facility security guard. i suppose it’s fair enough given that i beat the employees by over an hour. how unusual, this we know.

may have to get used to writing entries through the mobile tracking device again seeing that i already have this position. look forward to hot shotting across the nation again, hardly. there are definitely worst for wear ways for grinding for the currency of the beast either way through my experience. 

seems i’ve been rambling at this point. 



~ by Jace Anthony Manick on October 30, 2017.

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