the fruit moon wanez

been having a hard time lately. a couple of days ago i got off work early and decided to pick up my girls. turned out my car lost its brakes on the way and i was just along for the ride. rear-ended this red ford truck and knocked its plastic bumper right off. second time this has happened in my classic. at least now i see that it was the drums partially but more so the master cylinder. its completely out. nearly could have died or killed someone else. decided to go ahead and retire the classic and sell it to my aspiring younger brother. he feels he can salvage it so best of luck to him.

needless to say with my transportation out of service i no longer had a way to work. ended up throwing the keys thus dropping the ball. i wonder why my luck is so strange sometimes. especially during full moons. things seem to get a bit more peculiar.

no worries however. this recent job was just a means to pass the time until my next. my aptitude test is next month. i have no worry in the matter. they even gave me a study packet. how quaint.

the reason for the melancholic song is that my anti-queen had yet again turned on me due to my misfortune. i really don’t understand why the first thing she does when i’m down is puncture stabs into my side. maybe i deserve it at this point. we’ll see.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on August 9, 2017.

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