the reign of the moon cycle of julius coming to an end

according to the draw of the day things are to be looking up. figured i’d semi-celebrate with my time off before work to live stream another webisode of the eleventh hour series. unfortunately the sound quality is rather rough in this one due to yours truly still being in the experimental phase but things will eventually smooth over the more i am able to do this on occasion. if there are any potential patrons just know that you can now show support by donating to myself by pressing the button at the bottom of the Linkz page or simply clicking here. every little bit helps and if enough revenue is generated then i will definitely be able to justify doing this full time with rapidly increased quality due to granted resources thus enabling time towards these projects. anyway i feel like i am starting to sound like a beggar of some sort so i will then now away.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on July 27, 2017.

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