as of lately

so we all know that we are well into the summer solstice and have recently bypassed the thunder moon yet again. what a blessing to be alive. i suppose we’ve made it thus far.

as for the present my supposed card of the day today according to the daily draw is:

at first i could not see what this was about and was rather annoyed admittedly. i kid you not this was my die-roll just a couple of days ago as well. what was unnerving is that i am currently attempting yet again to earn federal reserve notes at the expense of my desired lifestyle with my children. that in mind understand that i am also trying to maintain a more positive attitude and disposition. in all actuality i just had a cup of some of my dream leaf tea and now that i’m relaxed i can truly feel the disappointment i have with my existence. not just within myself. but with the perception i have of the others whom i supposedly share this this dream with. i feel we could all be doing better. but at the same time i wish we could more so be truly free of any sort of disconstrued-presupposed-assigned assumely maybe kind of responsibility. in spite of myself maybe i may as well participate at a higher intensity despite all contradictions of all the other. i speak garble understandedly but at least i do so with protest against the so-called conventionals & conventions. what a cantrip this imaginely seems to be!



alternative last line: what a hogwash of fucking ill-mannered outer discipline! Next scene already pls.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on July 20, 2017.

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