solstice of the summer 2017


haven’t posted in a while. admittedly i have been battling my manic depression with no 3rd party medication whatsoever. straight cold chicken. its been rough and frustrating. my spouse denies my suffering to my face when i am the one enduring it. it is endlessly disheartening as it is disgraceful to my being.

other than that i am looking forward to new things that i will probably elaborate about later on as they come to fruition. in the meantime i have decided to quit streaming timewalking runs and diablo 2\3. catch me on steam as LifeGodChaos playing aok hd or path of exile in the meantime.

taking a break from musick as well. a brief encounter with a mirror stranger the other day solidified that as i did not care too much for what was being sold to me. tried to overlook it and remain enthused but it must have cost me face and artistic accountability. shame on me for simply wanting to play for the sake of collaborating with others. a loner i remain it seems.




~ by Jace Anthony Manick on June 22, 2017.

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