reflectionz of a barren mind

daily affirmation: its always a pleasure receiving no acknowledgement. then you don’t have to do some silly little\\big jig for the audience.

leave it be as it may however. time flows with no sign in sight of anything desired or unexpected. how can this be called a life when it feels so bleak and harrowed. perhaps thats just my state of mind in the current now. its very frustrating being your own foil at times. especially when its most convenient.

got inspired by the mediocre serving of lyrics in the iggy azalea song “bounce”. the music video was visually pleasing at moments but other than that it was an obvious spin off of fuckoffery within the lack. it inspired me to pick up my instrument today however. can’t get it to sound right though. needs more boom subz really. can only make so much kill tone out of a 12″. must be that lack lingering and meandering through the nether that is perceived reality. though its not even really there i can’t understand why i must continue to sit through such insignificance. this is not the life i thought it to be. the day is mine yet the musick is non-fruitful and lifeless.

more jibber jabber harum scarum to come i guess.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on March 29, 2017.

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