The Black Berry on Bottom

Okay. So since no one reads this load of carcinogenic, anti-literary crap anyway, I will come as undirty as I possibly can:

Very recently it has come to my attention from my physician’s notice that I have a variable of a certain bacterium in the depths of my stomach which is an indicator of early stages of cancer of the colon. I’ve been seeing this doctor regularly for the past couple of months now and will find further information on my prognosis for this internal infection next week. I am currently on 3 different medications which involve antibiotics, probiotics, and acid reducers. I haven’t told any persons of this other than my wife and supervisor at my job. Now on here I reveal this likely cumbersome curse. That makes three sources total.

Thats okay though. No one really gives a fuck about me anyway. I doubt more than a handful will even notice my departure if my unlife is truly nigh. I cannot help but think of other people I have known, whether well or ish, who have also passed on youthfully. Brandy S., an old brief friend; Trisha Simmons, my sister-in-law after the fact; Stephen Riley, a passionate oddfellow; Crystal K., a young teen who got hit by an automobile in middle school; Chris Cook, a careless underclassman in high school; Alex Rodriguez, some weirdo in high school who played viola exceptionally well & had the biggest dude-crush on me for a time; there’s many more I’m sure. Most likely some I do not even have any knowing of. All apologies for you all not being apart of my impromptu muster anyhow. But you as well anyway.

This shall be partial of my final will.

In my obituary please let it read:

His grandmother, brother, and mother loved him dearly. He loved his daughter infinitely. He was a rockstar who never was allowed to be. A young God before his time. He hardly had any kind of pleasant experiences or belongings. Just about everyone known to Him had fucked Him over in some sort of fashion at one time or another. Most likely both. His father was an unforgivable, yet unforgiving piece of shit. He could never really fit in anywhere with anyone for any extended period of time. He probably hates you all so leave His remains alone, as He usually was anyway. You can also count on the fact that He is definitely laughing at you while inhabiting the not-so-distant abyss at this very moment. May you all live on this hellacious rock with a lake that you call “the ocean” of the fire that is the star you all call “the sun” forever because He does not want to see your sorry asses over where He’s at. The End.

On my tombstone, assuming I even get one,  please let it read:

Here’s to an effort of life that was at a predisposition to fail miserably. As well as Love that is shown but never reflected.

Last but definitely not least, please have the above song be played as the final psalm at my funeral. Curse it all.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on June 18, 2015.

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