A Change of Luck

Apparently Jupiter has moved into Leo recently. I guess that means fortune is supposed to take a rise in notability? That silly thought does strike a string of truth for me however. Not too long ago yours truly landed an iron working job. Is it the ideal end-all-be-all position of employment? Most probably not. But it is a means of furthering my apprenticeship into becoming a journeyman welder. I suppose I am collecting trades. Or so it seems to the others. Nothing but music can keep my attention in tact for too long though, let’s be honest here.

Moving left along.

Some years ago my wife before she was such had informed me on John Allegro and his unconventional feats of understanding the world as we know it. Dude was appointed by the Vatican to study the Dead Sea Scrolls when they were found only to come to the conclusion through etymology of Sumerian textual roots that Jesus Christ is in fact a mythical metaphor for a fly agaric [Amanita muscaria] mushroom. I started Allegro’s The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross a few weeks back before I got this extremely time demanding labour position and I must express that I was definitely intrigued. I’ve learned that there are many more innuendos floating around in modern common speak dialogue than I originally had thought. To Allegro the written word “merely expresses a long-held conception.” For example through philologistics the root of the word shepherd can be seen to represent the flowing of seed. Sort of makes sense when you look at the traditional role that a shepherd plays in promoting the fecundity of his herd. Oh and also apparently Baphomet, Jehovah, and Zeus all mean the great, hard phallus or something even more graphically explicit if you speak in the tongue of peasant.

Anywho, I’m currently caught in between destinations and must tood-le-doo.

Embrace the 1-UP shroom.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on October 28, 2014.

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