A Satisfying Day of Birth Weekend

Had a pretty good weekend that surprisingly turned out decent despite this shitty hangover from the dog that bit me. Got a car cover for my ’74 Monte from my mother as well as a 3 leches cake. This made me relieved to be able to keep rust to a minimum since the clear coat was sanded off for a paint job that never happened. I really should have just ran off with that insurance settlement. Hindsight’s always 20\\20 I suppose.

That group of musicians I had mentioned the other day got back to me. We’re going to be having our first jam session this coming Tuesday. Really looking forward to sludging out on bass since the last “stoner band” I was droning with was against me using any sort of third party effects on my sound. This even included personal staples such as fuzz. I had to go my separate way seeing as I could not appreciate other assholes trying to boss me around on my own instrument. Its not like I was telling those dudes what I thought they should play or worst, how they should play in general. I’ll just leave it at that however since I’m not trying to be a negative creep about it.

The video posted above is my most recent, spontaneous guitar demonstration. Been feeling very musical lately and am yet again enjoying expressing it through any means available. It started off as something for personal performance critique, but I felt it turned out a lot more glitchy than primarily expected. I just couldn’t resist further infecting cyber space with my misanthropic noise of anti-matter.

Anywho, with all that being shared my manic burst of energy has mostly depleted itself. I’ve gotta get up early in the morning anyhow. Hasta la vista.


~ by Jace Anthony Manick on October 12, 2014.

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