wishful think

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definitely up my alley. wish i could go dudez.



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Why I don’t consider myself much of a lyricist:

Go ahead

Push my eyez in

I no longer long to see this place

Ever again

my thoughtz on musick in general

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happy new year dudez. just needed to vent on my view of conventional musick:

in all honest actuality 98.98% of the musick available for streaming, download, and especially the radio all have a sour pitch to me. that should be a given but i feel the need to dig a little further into this popular realization many have but know no reason why for.

to start off i will say a big prospect of the bitterness is the lyrical content. much of it tends to be very basic, elementary sentence fragments that have become way redundant over the past few decades. if it isn’t that then its most likely a line of uber fucking moldy ass cheese.


to get even deeper within the lyrical [or lack of] turn off may be due to the language itself. the english language is extremely mediocre and stale. with hard consonants and repetitive sentence structure you may actually be forced into writing these sentence fragments for the sake of avoding redundant prepositional phrases and other typical grammatical cliches we say in our day to day basic speak. however, thats usually the more creative side in my personal experience but more so likely the more ignorant side of lyrical content for normies such as yourselves. the most popular way to deter this constant redundancy is to make each verse follow some sort poetic formula where the last words of the line\\stanza rhymes with an adjacent sentence or maybe even skips a line or x variable to where every other line rhymes. because of this most “rock” songs are essentially glorified terrible rap scats with a conventional background rock band sound dynamic.

i guess to keep this brief and concise as possible i will summarize with more of my prejudice against the english language as well as the others. it is so fucking boring but that is not all. other languages may have the edge on being a little more musical such as some of the mongolian linguistic sounds conveying different connotations as well as intent and current state of emotion. maybe it sounds good in the moment because it is a language from a different region of the heavenly rock so it is unfamiliar thus seemingly pleasing. chances are they are saying basic things that have a pretty ring to it. if it is worth a fuck at then it would obviously fall into the aforementioned 1.02% of actual good musick.

either way i will take an even more extreme approach to say that i feel words in general, no matter the language, are a bastardization of musick. sure they are sounds, have a pitch, and communicate different things but linguistics is mostly made up of mouth breather produced barks essentially. like how dogs communicate with their surroundings we are very little any different. sure it may mean different things to us but that is because we understand our own moanz, groanz, and tonez. its just fucking noise really. and not even pleasant noise. what i’m really trying to say is that i hate the human race for making so much shit noise basically.

i remember i used to loathe listening to classical music because it was mostly instrumental. for the record i’ve always hated opera. it too is a tastleless, bastardization of musick but comes with even more pompous pretense. anyway, the reason for my disapproval back when was because there were no words ironically. at the time i thought that made the composition boring. now as time has passed naturally i have realized that mouthless songs are the most true songs. this does not include wind instruments by the way. not all of them anyway. fuck that human voice box however.

this doesn’t even exclude bands i have liked past & present. a lot of the time i’m digging the riffz\\percussion while trying to enjoy it but i can’t think of anything else except how shit the vocals\\lyrics are!

but seriously. next time you listen to the radio or your lolplaylist, try to really listen to whats being communicated. you will realize that a lot of it is pre-written propaganda from ghost-writers who are working for corporate conglomerates of the man. if they are not even that intelligent then chances are they are ignorant by-products of self-produced, inbred mouth breathers.

to sum it up, lyrics fucking suck. period.


figure 1: forgivable human voice box application

figure 2: unforgivable human voice box application


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it is still within the 11th hour of the mourning.

i feel undead and starved emotionally.

guess thats my problem.

oh well, back to the studio. can’t let this precious misery dissolve to waste.


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just realized i missed krampusnacht last week. fack. oh well, we’ll get you all and your little dog next year bwahahah!

not to be up my own ass but i can’t stop listening to the last track i recorded. it feels liberating to be writing and creating what is missing in this realm, something grand¬†as per usge. it incidentally became my 3 chord masterpiece without any specific intent. thought i was doing something fancy in a minimalistic manner but not so much maybe. turns out it is just 3 whole chords creatively elaborated & presented while being able to melt your face. again, don’t mean to write about my own material in a critically biased undertone but there is currently no such fan base to do it for me, so where better than here to write such dribble? exactly.

as for the card of the day it is my 3rd consecutive sword drawn:


basically i’m unfucked at the moment but thats okay. what no longer serves us will inevitably eventually see its way out and i will be closer to receiving my truest potential. there is next to nothing to lose and even more to gain. if thats ever a problem for you then you already know the way away.

simple and plain.


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it was a good day today. today. the day in which was good.

enjoy\\choke as a missed friend would say.

spilled cupz of brooding

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kinda funny how accurate my drawn card today was. the recommendation is to imagine endless, boundless goals and desirable dwellings. if it shines then desire it. if it is dull either ignore it or buff it until there is a twinkle. i suppose this is all to inspire the uninspired into delving into some sort of personal voyage of grandeur & valor. well excuse me for being bored. there’s a time and a place for all things if i may write in protest.

i have been into strumming the strings of my doom apparatus yet again. too bad my eldest gets jealous of my redirected attention. she literally throws a fit every time i attempt to practice my instrument to the point of getting loudly upset in tears. if i am to get any sort of work done with my instrument it usually has to be done in private. unfortunately that designated time is not always full of inspiration. i have little to no control of my most creative moments since they tend to be spontaneous. my struggle continues in the most mundane of moments & events it seems. i cannot help but laugh at my own expense during this current current on afterthought however. such a silly time to be alive indeed. i will try to further understand what the universe is trying to converse with me either way. albeit i wish it were a bit more direct rather than cryptic and nonperceptible. it leads to a plethora of self-convicting subjectivity usually. i suppose the signal has already been sound. shall i ring again or shall i simply move on to yet another aspiration? we shall see as we usually seem to do i presuppose.